The LoveLsTzy® Foundation

In 1941, Jasmine’s family started an Educational Apprenticeship program through a private Foundation for helping refugees get back on their feet during the Nazi occupation.

In 1998, Jasmine’s mom, Micha, visited Jasmine in La Jolla, CA. While driving along the coast, they saw a little hill in Del Mar. On that hill, Jasmine shared their vision of a free ‘Educational System’ for all ages, which includes filmmaking. It allows anyone to be both a teacher and a student, incorporating diverse cultures and religions. Jasmine’s mom was happy that the vision included access to education for everyone, regardless of financial status, as it was aligned with her Mom’s ancestors’ values helping those in need.

In 2000, Jasmine started to experiment with creating a last name that could be used as their stage name, as well as an advertising placeholder for different creative projects that support Harmony on Earth.

In April 2002, Jasmine joined a friend who had an extra ticket for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, and in between listening to different classical symphonies, the name LoveLsTzy was born.

In June 2002, Jasmine enrolled at the Digital Film Academy in New York City assuming a new stage name as Jasmine LoveLsTzy.

In 2010, Jasmine trademarked the name LoveLsTzy® in the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the focus on Educational services, namely, conducting programs in the field of consciousness raising and interfaith and intercultural understanding and cooperation.

The same year Jasmine registered DBA as LoveLsTzy with the New York Department of State in the City of New York, they received a Business Certificate that included the meaning to the following letters:

L – Love
S – Seed
T – Together
Z – Zero
Y – Yes

In 2011, Jasmine married Nicolas Radcliffe.

Together they created their 9 Laws of LoveLsTzy® to support Harmony on Earth:

1. We embrace the relevance of oneness through symbiosis (and we love theoretical physics and its attempts to explain interconnections on the subatomic level)

2. We respect others view points, including those who believe in a Source or Creator and those who do not.

3. We Respect human life

4. We Respect animal life and are committed to a plant-based and gluten free lifestyle

5. We Respect family relationships and commitments

6. We respect other peoples’ property ownership

7. We are committed in honoring our agreements and in creating and upholding Restorative Courts of Justice, for a fair and just governance, where each voice can be heard.

8. We are committed to Light, truth and transparency

9. We are committed to Love and The Golden Rule: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.”

The licenses to use LoveLsTzy® are currently granted to: LoveLsTzy® Films, LoveLsTzy® Association and Radcliffe & Radcliffe LLC.

The licenses are given only to our family and friends upon request.